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Plot No. 120/121, Nr Masjid, Sector 19,
Bamandongari, Ulwe,
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410206.
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  1. Pratik says:

    1. Buy Assets & Not Liabilities.

    Wealthy buy assets & poor buy liabilities. Gold, real estate investment, equity, mutual funds are some example of assets. Debt is one person’s liability, but another person’s asset.
    Assets put money into your pocket, whereas liability takes money from your pocket.

    2. Invest money in stock market.

    Investment gains. Invest money in stocks, bonds, etc

    3. Save money for retirement.

    Its never to early to start saving for retirement planning. The earlier you start, the more retirement savings will have potential to grow.

    4. Invest in real estate.

    The best thing to do with your money is, invest it in real estate. Although you need to study before investing in real estate. Although its riskier than other investment as property cannot be sold quickly

  2. prerna says:

    Avoid buying Liabilites, if you want to achieve financial goals. Focus on creating assests which would yield you more money.

    Spending 10 to 20 lakhs on a car is waste as it won’t be the half of value after 5 years. The value of a new car depreciates 20 to 25 % as soon as its out of showroom and continues to depreciate every year.

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