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Justice for Rape victims!!

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Shop No. 02, Dream Heritage,
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neha Staff asked 3 months ago
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prerna answered 3 months ago

Kathua RapeCase ?

Many people are asking me Why are you silent on Asifa rape and murder case ?
It is everywhere on the social media, mainstream media and international media but we dont see you writing about it

Well since there is a such a fine synchrony in   coverage of a particular incident 3 months after the crime, then it means it is not natural outrage out of sympathy for a small girl who was brutally raped and killed but a manufactured outrage with a political agenda

Have you heard about a 11 year old girl who was gang raped and burnt alive in her on home by Zakir Hussain and his two juvenile friends in Assam?
Or about a 35 year old woman who was gang raped by 8 muslim men in front of her own husband?
In last 8 weeks 26 rapes of hindu women in Assam?
3009 rapes of hindu women since 2016 after BJP govt took over in Assam?

Yes these rape victims are just statistics and dont have families’ names or details.
So we will never see candle light marches by Rahul Gandhi, FB display profiles, Justice for Rape victims, Hang those rapists, Castrate them, Shoot them type of outrage.
Let alone BBC News, CNN, TIMEs or Washington Post even NDTV or The Hindu wont publish about the news.
No Bollywood liberal or Twitter intellectual feels sad or angry about it
And   I have not seen a single Muslim, who said I am ashamed to be a muslim for all these 3009 rapes  .

But look at my hindu friend, he is ashamed to be hindu for Asifa and there was a great bollywood hero called Sushant Singh Rajput who dropped his surname Rajput as Karni sena protested against Padmawati
But I have never seen any Khan dropping his name after cartoonists got killed or movies got banned or when Kamal Hassan begged jihadis to let his movie Viswaroopam be released.

Before you call my post as Whataboutery
Let me make it clear.   I am pained by the brutal rape of Asifa and i want those rapists to be hanged, castrated and may be even stoned to death like in Saudia

But I also want the same to happen to all those rapists in Assam also.

How is Zakir Hussain raping a 11 yr old girl in her own home and burning her alive any lesser crime than Kathua rape ?

One rape case and you are saying Jammu Hindus want to make muslims leave the place and hence they did this crime

But When 3009 women are raped in such a short time and most of the victims are hindus and rapists are muslims,
then why dont you see the narrative behind it in Assam and say that illegal bangladeshi muslims want to terrorise hindus in Assam?

One brutal murder and the BBC News is saying Hindu rapist has raped a muslim girl, while in their own nation England, when thousands of white christian girls are raped, drugged and sexually groomed by muslim gangs
All they write is ASIAN MEN  ;
No mention of religion
Yes everyone wants to be politcally correct when it comes to Rotterham Pedophilia scandal.
But one Kathua or one Dadri – Hindus are rapists, hindus are genocidal monsters and oppress poor muslims
Even after 1990 Kashmir Pandit gencide in Kashmir, no international media outrage happened or any one said Hindu genocide by Kashmir muslims

Is this done to create guilt feeling in Self Loathing hindus ?
Hindus who live by the great values of Dharma and Karma are very prone for Self introspection and self criticism
So it is very easy to make them feel guilty and take politcal benefit out of it
Perhaps this outrage 3 months after the crime is being done to protect Rohingya infiltration in Jammu
Even in 20th century Christians have done genocide in many countries like Rwanda, Congo, Central Africa, Sudan.
Jihadis have done genocide in Middle east, Africa, and in our neighbourhood in Bangladesh and in our nation India

But you will never see a muslim or christian feeling guilty about it.I have only seen everyone of them somehow     defending their religions and saying our holy books dont tell to rape or murder
Then does Gita or Rig veda tell hindus to rape little girls?

The little girl was raped in temple so hinduism is responsible for it said my Intellectual friend.
But yesterday a mullah in that very Kashmir was arrested for raping a small girl in a Madrassa, so who  is responisble for it ?
1000s of pastors & fathers have been caught raping little boys in Churches world wide.
So who is responsible ??

Every religion every nation has murderers, rapists, pedophiles so how is only hinduism held responsible?
Even atheistic ideologies like Commies, Mao terrorists rape. So who is responsible for it ?

Treat a crime as a crime
A life lost as a life lost
And ask justice for every victim
I want Kathua Rapists to be hanged and i also want all those 3009 rapists in Assam to be hanged
I feel same pain for every victim of rape

But for you if Kathua matters more and not 3009 rapes in Assam, then you are not a Humanist but a political activist who agenda is to malign a particular religon for politcal purpose
So you are no better than any of those criminals.

Infact it is what media should be doing. But Presstitutes have long forgotten that they are just neutral carriers of news. They are& now working as Poltical agents of vested interests.

From Franois Gautier’s FB page